made these projects
and is working on these

currently exhibiting

graduated from zoom school

made a workbook

this is my terminal


made a desktop performance

learned about cloud (storage)

made a satirical voice assistant

looked at            security cameras

worked on an exhibition

did some branding

built an archive

built an 6’ x 8’ installation

hosted a collaborative workshop

made posters & gifs

crafted an artist book about sexual assault

performed a task for a really, really, really long time

and made more books from found scans.

anh (she/her). bfa in graphic design + mps at nyu itp. likes tuxedo cats and speed-walking from ktown to sohodislikes hot weather, cockroaches and slow walkers. say hi︎︎︎


The possession of RISD ID Cards offers reputation, access and privileges that only a handful of individuals get to experience.

By trying to recreate and essentially forging their own cards into non-functional copies, the participants are taking away the uniqueness and the authority that was granted to their original ID card. Using simple household materials, the participants can easily forge the personal touches, the wear-and-tear that made the original card so special, which defamiliarized them from their own ID card.