made these projects
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currently exhibiting

graduated from zoom school

made a workbook

this is my terminal


made a desktop performance

learned about cloud (storage)

made a satirical voice assistant

looked at            security cameras

worked on an exhibition

did some branding

built an archive

built an 6’ x 8’ installation

hosted a collaborative workshop

made posters & gifs

crafted an artist book about sexual assault

performed a task for a really, really, really long time

and made more books from found scans.

anh (she/her). bfa in graphic design + mps at nyu itp. likes tuxedo cats and speed-walking from ktown to sohodislikes hot weather, cockroaches and slow walkers. say hi︎︎︎


Karma & Trauma is an archive of scans from two books about Vietnam War and Vietnamese art.

From Undergraduate Thesis Project, 2019.


I chose scans of photographs of the Vietnam War and paired them with futuristic illustrations of outer space and historical Vietanmese artifacts. These scans reflected the two significant events that took place during the 60s/70s in the United States: the Vietnam War and the Space Race.

I found the parallel between these images to be fascinating: they are fast-paced, vigorous, historically significant and visually memorable. But while one event marks a new beginning, a step forward for humankind, the other consist of regressive, senseless violence that took away millions of innocent lives. The sequence is a travelling timeline, constantly moving back and forth in time, while drawing out the contrasting values from distinct historical period.