made these projects
and is working on these

currently exhibiting

graduated from zoom school

made a workbook

this is my terminal


made a desktop performance

learned about cloud (storage)

made a satirical voice assistant

looked at            security cameras

worked on an exhibition

did some branding

built an archive

built an 6’ x 8’ installation

hosted a collaborative workshop

made posters & gifs

crafted an artist book about sexual assault

performed a task for a really, really, really long time

and made more books from found scans.

anh (she/her). bfa in graphic design + mps at nyu itp. likes tuxedo cats and speed-walking from ktown to sohodislikes hot weather, cockroaches and slow walkers. say hi︎︎︎


An artist book displaying images of anonymous female bodies cropped in provocative angles.


Each spread in this artist book showcased an anonymous female body, with the middle section tightly glued, prompting a reaction from the viewer. As a response, the viewer must rip open each spread to view the message inside.

The act of ripping apart the spread simulates the act of sexual assault. The markings resulted from ripping posed as a powerful visual element, showing that sexual assault survivors bear long-term physical and mental traumas that may never go away.