Finding “Vietnam” ( is a series of visual investigations into the multi-faceted narratives often attached to the name “Vietnam” and their role in the industrialisation and commodification of cultural memories. These projects aim to challenge the constructed terms and identity histories of "Vietnam" by examining the media landscape of America and its consumption.

Vietnam, Viet Nam
The One where they Vietnam
Loving Him is Red
Good Morning, Vietnam!
“Vietnam” in America’s Imagination

Role: Designer/Art Director
Deliverable:  Website

What is Vietnam? What constitutes Vietnam?

Role: Designer/Art Director
Deliverable:  Website/Video Archive

The One where they Vietnam is an interactive, hypertext FRIENDS episode, where all the dialogues, jokes and punchlines are about “Vietnam”. The project is designed to play out like an episode of FRIENDS, where the player can interact with the dialogues, shuffle through the punchlines, mix and match to uncover the best “Vietnam” punchline that will make the audience laugh.

Role: Designer/Art Director/Developer
Deliverable:  Interactive

Loving Him is Red is a desktop performance that examines the experience of growing up enshrouded in propaganda.

Role: Designer/Art Director
Deliverable:  Desktop Performance

A series of tour guides that showcase all the locations chosen by Hollywood directors to recreate and film Vietnam or Vietnam-adjacent movies. 


“dick-sucking-lips” is an interactive PoseNet sketch that superimposed the “suck-dick” text onto the viewer's mouth.

The sketch was designed to identify and project a set of pre-defined text onto the viewer's mouth, like a sticky label that cannot be removed. By participating in this experience, the viewer's agency is taken away as they watch their face being digitally disembodied and objectified without their consent. In a way, “dick-sucking-lips” was programmed to mirror how we, as humans, were also conditioned to sexualise these body parts.

Role: Designer/Art Director/Developer
Interactive Sketch